The Inquisitive Nurturer, an inquisitive look from birth to beyond and everything in between. I move from spiritual, contemplative and organic to bad food, big night’s out and pushing myself too hard. Like many people, I am a walking contradiction….and that is fine. It’s all about balance, leveling your yin and yang. I am not fascinating but I am a seeker, I love knowledge in all it’s forms.  This is a look at what I find interesting.


I am a mother of 3 young boys, with background study in Nursing, Health Promotion, Child and Adolescent Health  and I am currently immersed in studying Mental Health. I am also on the way to completing my Level 1 Yoga Teacher training and have completed a Certificate in Guiding Meditation. I flip between the spiritual and the concrete. (Please note, the Yoga training is for personal development, my hamstrings are too tight and too damaged for my yoga practice to look free, flowy and instagrammable!!!)