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Happy Skincare Review

Happy Skincare is 100% natural, organic, vegan and tested only on humans skincare and makeup range.

Made in Australia, it’s a family run business. Happy Skincare offers samples on certain products and afterpay.

This is a sponsored review but I have actually tried these products. I would never recommend something that I hadn’t tried myself.

Use code SHELLP at checkout to get $5 off any order over $ 20 ­čÖé

Woohoo Deodorant Paste

Woohoo-All-Natural-Deodorant-Paste-Urban-Best-Natural-Deodorant_9dd4eb0a-5511-4126-9e25-c57ec2b69380_2000xSmells delicious and is aluminum free. Rub a small amount of paste on underarms. I smelt fresh as a flower and quietly smug that I’m not using aluminum. Have not tried it during a game of heavy duty sport but I’m not sure there is an industrial strength deodorant on the market to solve that issue.

Available in sample size.

Good Vibes Facial Oil

After a particularly heinous cos medical procedure on my forehead (think hardcore microdermabrasion), I was left looking red and sunburnt, my forehead felt like sandpaper. Enter Omega Facial Oil, it absorbed sumptuously into my skin, speeding up healing time and welcoming me into civilised society quicker, with no irritation. Has a unique blend of 5 different omega oils-3,5,6,7, and 9.

Available in sample size



Pig in Mud Mineral Mask

This brilliant product comes in powder form, you mix a tsp of powder with a tsp of water then paint it on your face. It felt amazing on and even more amazing after it was washed off. Other masks feel like they must be doing something because of the smell and feeling of hardcore chemicals seeping into your skin and leeching and goodness out. Love It! Detox, tone, revitalise, remove blackheads, reduce pores, smooth rough skin, decrease signs of ageing and recover from breakouts


Eco Minerals White Light Pure Illuminate

This combined with the Hi Light Creme actually made me look like a healthy specimen, rather then looking like my face was holding onto 3 kids and a lifetime of vices. I actually look naturally healthy, normal and not sleep deprived. Pure mineral makeup used to enhances cheekbones and eyes


Eco Minerals Alchemy Hi Light Creme

┬áSubtly brightening and creating a gorgeous, healthy glow without looking like you’ve drawn on your face with a child’s glitter pens. Gentle on skin with no fragrance.